Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travis has some news

No pictures for this one yet, but Travis had his first date last week, they had a group of kids get together to go on a hike and go out to dinner.  Travis not realizing the in's and out's of dating wanted to go on a 10 mile hike, like it wouldn't be a big deal for the girls.I said that with some it might not be but just to play it safe, he might want to cut it down a bit.  Table Rock up above the Boise Foothills was the location...I couldn't tell who was more visibly taken back by the whole experience, cause Mama couldn't stop talking about it, how our baby was on his first date....This last weekend Travis got his first job, he is now going to be working at a golf course (where he golfs now for the Mt. View Golf Team). He is way excited about it and so am I;   I hope they work him many hours and he has the chance with many blisters to build his character, just kidding. It is a good thing.  He is also doing his lawns so many we will start charging him rent, or at a minimum his milk bill.

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Sara Smith said...

Travis, nice to see your earning your keep. I bet Nat wanted a play by play of the whole date! Have fun dating.