Sunday, April 4, 2010


Saturday, Epcot-- this was what Natalie has been wanting to do for...ever.... Bless her heart:). Funny thing about memories they sometimes don't measure up to the expectations of reality. But in reality it was a nice place, lots to see and do. We did a lot of walking around to the areas that were around the world, some were more interesting than others. We were there all day because of some advice to stay for the fireworks. Now I like fireworks but I just don’t think there are many ways to shoot off fireworks that make it worthwhile to stay ALL DAY.... expectations I suppose.
We went to some rides, more excursions than fast rides but two that were interesting to me was the space ship rides. It simulated a shooting rocket and thru either visual trickery or perception, it really felt like you were going out the roof. It sucked you too your chair. The best exhibit was the "Finding Nemo" area. The aquarium was way cool. Lots of fish and the biggest salt water aquarium I have ever seen. Sharks, rays, tarpon, eels, lion fish, angel fish, etc... Then they had sushi bar with nemo inside of one of the sushi rolls, tasty.. just kidding.
This was the Chinese exhibits, they had a lot of traditional pictures and woodwork, but the coolest was the scaled models of the terra-cotta warriors.
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