Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travis has some news

No pictures for this one yet, but Travis had his first date last week, they had a group of kids get together to go on a hike and go out to dinner.  Travis not realizing the in's and out's of dating wanted to go on a 10 mile hike, like it wouldn't be a big deal for the girls.I said that with some it might not be but just to play it safe, he might want to cut it down a bit.  Table Rock up above the Boise Foothills was the location...I couldn't tell who was more visibly taken back by the whole experience, cause Mama couldn't stop talking about it, how our baby was on his first date....This last weekend Travis got his first job, he is now going to be working at a golf course (where he golfs now for the Mt. View Golf Team). He is way excited about it and so am I;   I hope they work him many hours and he has the chance with many blisters to build his character, just kidding. It is a good thing.  He is also doing his lawns so many we will start charging him rent, or at a minimum his milk bill.

This was our last day in Ft. Lauderdale; we went on a tour "The Duck Tour" because they took you on both land and sea. They showed us around the city and through some waterways where there are some extremely expensive homes... I think I'll go put some money down on one next week. We saw where Spock (Leonard Nemoy) lives and where Wendy of Wendy’s Hamburgers lives... boy they have really small homes right on the waterfront, with massive yachts. Must be really hard to live there. Overall a great vacation, got to see some things we hadn't, did some things we hadn't done before and met some people along the way. Note to self, eggs a second time up do not taste as good.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

South Beach Miami

This is South Beach Miami, we thought we were prepared for the sights but there was a little more revealed that what I was even prepared for... I just have to laugh cause I couldn't believe it myself. Just to give you an idea of what was happening down here was this. A rather well built young lady was taking a picture of a group of Spring Break kids (maybe 12-15 people). Everyone was smiling like they were having a great time, then I see that she was topless. No wonder the guys were focused and smiling. Amazing, we should have known better... Keep focused boys and eyes straight ahead. That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
So, have to tell you about our diving the day before yesterday, we went down to the Key's (Key Largo). That morning it was pretty blustery, it took us a while longer to get down to the dive area. We get out on the boat and after at least 30 minutes we get to the first dive site. The water is 4-6 foot swells and is pretty rough. Everyone is excited to get in and then felt the shock of the cold water. Bottom line was... everyone got sick (except Natalie), kids really didn't feel good, meaning they threw up their breakfast and then some. I took 1st place for throwing up... I was throwing up under water and above water, but could keep on going. The kids were wimps (bless their hearts). The result was no one wanted to go again for the next day as we it had scheduled... kind of a bust. It ended up Ryan probably had food poisoning from the eggs we traveled with from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale because that was the only difference in what he ate and everyone else ate. And he spent the next day sick in bed.
The two on the right were waiting for girls to walk by, the one on the left was waiting for me to walk by in my Speedo.... I on the other hand was just watching the ocean, the beautiful ocean...

Look at this cutie, she just loves to be on the beach just soakin up the sun... next time its just going to be me and her on a trip.
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Orlando Temple

Sunday, we went to the Orlando Temple, they have full time security riding around in a golf course, beautiful area and day. It was a little overcast and a bit windy but the temperature was perfect. We went to church basically just across the road. Funny thing about the area, the Ward house and Temple would be in Tiger Woods ward (when he becomes a member-- positive thinking). There were city police at the various entrances of the gated subdivisions around the temple... And I thought it was about us? Ha.
Looks like they are all on vacation... how sweet.

Look to the East and the rising Sun...
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Saturday, Epcot-- this was what Natalie has been wanting to do for...ever.... Bless her heart:). Funny thing about memories they sometimes don't measure up to the expectations of reality. But in reality it was a nice place, lots to see and do. We did a lot of walking around to the areas that were around the world, some were more interesting than others. We were there all day because of some advice to stay for the fireworks. Now I like fireworks but I just don’t think there are many ways to shoot off fireworks that make it worthwhile to stay ALL DAY.... expectations I suppose.
We went to some rides, more excursions than fast rides but two that were interesting to me was the space ship rides. It simulated a shooting rocket and thru either visual trickery or perception, it really felt like you were going out the roof. It sucked you too your chair. The best exhibit was the "Finding Nemo" area. The aquarium was way cool. Lots of fish and the biggest salt water aquarium I have ever seen. Sharks, rays, tarpon, eels, lion fish, angel fish, etc... Then they had sushi bar with nemo inside of one of the sushi rolls, tasty.. just kidding.
This was the Chinese exhibits, they had a lot of traditional pictures and woodwork, but the coolest was the scaled models of the terra-cotta warriors.
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